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The author as an activist.

The author as an activist.

Rowan Kaiser graduated from Antioch College in 2005, majoring in History, as well as editing the Record in Spring 2003 and writing for it most of his other terms on campus.

When the closure of the school was announced in 2007, he worked avidly in the campaign to keep it open in both Chicago and Yellow Springs, as well as being a founding member of such groups as the Former Community Managers group that organized at the first Reunion, and the Antioch College Action Network. He was one of the final Community Managers chosen by the Community Council of the open Antioch College.

Most of his work was done in communication and helping the diverse members of the sprawling Save Antioch movement know what was going on. This website may be the final manifestation of that goal.

Since then, Rowan has been working as a freelance writer pop culture critic, focusing on television and video games. His work has appeared at The A.V. Club, The American Prospect, Salon, IGN, Joystiq, RogerEbert.com, Ars Technica, Indiewire, Gamastutra, and more. Rowan has even been cited on the Wikipedia pages of popular Simpsons characters! He’s currently applying his love of science fiction, serialized storytelling, and video games to a book-length analysis of the Mass Effect games.

Of course, part of being a freelance writer is being broke! If you’d like to drop a bit of money into the tip jar, any amount of reward or thanks would be greatly appreciated. His crowdfunding page for the book is open at http://www.gofundme.com/2joch0. Alternately, you can use Paypal or anything email-related at rowankaiser with a gmail address.

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