Welcome to “How Antioch Closed,” a history of how the 150+ year-old Antioch College had its doors shut in 2008. The impetus for writing this article and creating this website was a constant series of conversations, with both alumni and curious friends, about what made my college close.

Answering that question required a constant balance between accuracy and brevity. Accomplishing both of those goals while making the story interesting required telling the story achronologically. To that end, I’ve added a “Timeline” page, which also includes links to where each chapter fits roughly. I highly recommend keeping it open for reference if needed.

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This project was initially announced and crowdfunded on Kickstarter. I’d like to thank all my backers for making this possible.

All pictures are taken from the public gallery.antiochians.org. Photographers include Dennie Eagleson, Judith Wolert-Maldonado, Laura Fathauer, and Caitlin Daoust.

Thanks also to my editors, who include Nathan Pensky, Andy Daglas, Marjorie Jensen, and Laura Fathauer.

Special thanks to Matt Baya for aiding in setting up the website.

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